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The Tabungaw Hat Maker of San Quintin, Abra

The Tabungaw hats made by Teofilo Garcia are now becoming collectors items and are being bought by hat collectors and investors, not only in the Philippines but worldwide.

Teofilo Garcia is a simple man, still a farmer at heart and since he was bestowed the title of “Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan” ( National Living Treasure) he has been invited to give talks and demonstrations in the Philippines and abroad, teach local school children the art of Tabungaw making.

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Little Known Facts about Kolkata

Things you didn't know about Kolkata As for a city, I will not deny Kolkata has such a life that I haven’t seen so far in other parts of India, though there were instances when I saw lives of people just vanished in a gust; on the roadside, within the darkest miasma...

50 Offbeat India Tour Ideas! The Great Secrets!

50 Offbeat India Tour Ideas! You’ve landed on just the right page if you are planning an offbeat India tour and are getting ardently wooed and confused by the many travel packages to India. Here are some original ideas for the adventurous traveller who likes to get off the beaten path and really explore.

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