toothpaste to stick the map on the wall
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I used toothpaste to stick the map on the wall

Instant Office Tip #101

You have your work space in your hotel/hostel room for a couple of days . Why not make it more pleasing to spend time there. First off….  place the TV out of the way on the floor, then organise your desk top

If you have a map or maybe a poster in your Backpack, then use your toothpaste to glue it on the wall.
Toothpaste is one of the best instant glues that is readily available as most people carry it.

Before you check out just take the map/poster down and wipe the walls with a wet cloth and the toothpaste is easily removed.
BTW — Seaweed is the secret ingredient in toothpaste that makes it sticky 🙂

Read more about Seaweed Farming in the Philippines here

You can even use this technique at home to display your childrens drawings, or any other paperwork you may need to refer to   🙂

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