Daguioman – The Hidden Paradise of Abra, Philippines

Daguioman is located on the northeastern part of the province of Abra. Passing through the Bangued-Bucay route, it is about 56.8 km. away from the capital town of Bangued. While taking the route of Lamunan, it is about 116 km. from Bangued.

Among its boundaries, Daguioman is bounded on the north by the municipalities of Licuan-Baay and Malibcong, on the west by the municipalities of Bucloc and Sallapadan, on the east by the mountain ranges of the province of Kalinga and on the south by the municipality of Boliney.

Daguioman has two pronounced seasons, the wet and the dry. The rainy season occurs from June to October while the dry season covers the period from November to May. From December to February, strong winds visit the municipality, a phenomenon unique to Daguioman. Temperature is coldest from December to early February where temperature goes down to 41°- 43° Fahrenheit.

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